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over it

over it

i feel like i’ve been involved with a character in a lana del rey song

so it goes

so it goes

"Almost Wife"

"Almost Wife"

"brooklyn no. 2"

sometimes i feel like i am hanging upside down.
all the color rushing to the top of my skull.
filling up like a snowglobe,
capsules turning in little circles.

your thin lips boarded shut
just like the abandoned brownstone whose steps we drink our coffee on, sometimes,
do not divulge where you’ve been.

you will be kind to me
even with my sinews strung between your teeth.

ugly poetry blog

I want you to be the equivalent to the patterns in ugly floral wallpaper.
stare at you so long I forget you’re even there,
I need to see you and not care,
indifference or disinterest,
either way, when I need you
you’re not there.

i was 17

was she much more brave than I was?
did she cry like I did?
was she sure, and still, and ready,
or curl on her side
tight like a fist?
did she breathe heavy to calm down
or was the breathing for your benefit?
did she close her eyes,
or look into yours
pull you in for a kiss?

was she much more brave than I was? 
mouth “I love you”,
press her hands to your chest?
dig her fingernails into your back?
or was she nothing like that?

and was she even your first?
or were there more before her?
and were they more brave,

and will you always remember them
they way I have to remember you?
were they much more brave than I was?
the girl much too scared to get through. 

the moon

the moon

THREE POEMS// The End and A Beginning.

1 // Bedford

Soured with the taste of another’s hips now,
Your mouth.
Swill shards around when you say my name.
Pour it out.
Glass bits.
Your lips.
I ravage them with mine to suck her out.

2// Two Halves

I clutch you to me like
we can morph back into the
Four armed
Four legged,
Two headed love beast that we once were.
But that bolt,
Slut streaked and shameless,
delivered by Zeus herself
In all her jest and jealousy
Laughingly severs us.
We are anchorless.
Forever seeking other bodies out.

3// “Yours”

Pin me up like a poster girl.
Bite into me,
I bleed blue all over you,
rake my hair,
stain your hands
with purple I imposed.
Shake my head like a unicorn when you ask me if I
“want to.”

I glimmer gold for you
‘cause I’m broke enough to pretend.
You believe in me every second.
Even when I’m unsure if I exist.